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Joel Eser Richman

The law office of Joel Eser Richman concentrates on Real Estate Transactions and Development, Estate Planning, Business Contracts, Entity Formation and Mediation, as well as providing services such as drafting documents, providing legal interpretations and advice for disputes and associated legal matters.


For more than 30 years Joel Eser Richman has been handling the full spectrum of legal concerns related to real estate. 

Real Estate services performed by this firm are listed below:


Purchase and Sale Agreements

Advising clients (buyers or sellers) on all aspects of Purchase and Sale of real property including: contract negotiation and drafting, title issues and other real estate disputes.


Residential real estate issues

Representing clients (buyers or sellers) in all aspect of residential real estate



Representation of clients who are buying, selling, and refinancing, including title exam, settlement preparation and closing work.


Commercial real estate issues

Counseling clients and drafting documents in regard to all commercial real estate issues.


Condominium Formations

Condominium Formation and representation of clients on all aspects of condominium formation and conversions, including engineering referral, condominium documentation preparation, sales and acquisition.


Residential and Commercial leases

Drafting, Negotiation, and representing clients (lessor or lessee) in commercial lease situations.


Condominiums have become a very popular form of real property ownership housing in Hawaii. It is an inexpensive way to not only add value to the property, but also allows the owner to divide the property into Units, both improved and vacant land, that can be sold and mortgaged separately, while at the same time creating rights and obligations of the Unit owners once sold.  Joel Eser Richman also advises clients and drafts documents pertaining to subdivisions.  Many property owners, are not familiar with their rights and responsibilities under Hawaii Law and Joel has the experience and resources available to properly advise property owners in this regard.


Creating a plan for what happens to your real and personal property when you die is very important if you desire to minimize the time and expense of distributing your assets to heirs.  If a person dies without a Will and/or a Trust the Estate must be filed in probate court and the estate assets may not be distributed to the desired beneficiaries.  A detailed instrument in the form of a Will and/or a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust, is used to create certain requirements for either the Personal Representative or Trustee to carry out including funeral and guardianship matters, along with the distribution and management of Estate Assets.  Essential instruments that can be drafted, to fulfill the wishes of the person in the event of incapacity include: Powers of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives, and Authorizations to Disclose Medical Information.  


 Mediation is a voluntary, confidential Alternative Dispute Resolution process where a neutral third-party (the mediator), helps parties in conflict come together to talk and decide how to resolve their dispute. Mediation offers an alternative to litigation and arbitration which provides an opportunity for less expensive and time-consuming party driven resolution of conflicts.   



 A Contract is an agreement between parties that designs and governs business or personal relationships, informs and memorializes the parties’ rights and obligations, provides procedures for confronting foreseeable obstacles, and when property drafted, is legally binding.  A Contract usually concerns the exchange of services, goods, or promises to perform future actions and is especially important and necessary when it concerns employment, sales, or property ownership. 

 At the law firm of Joel Eser Richman, we provide advice and services regarding all types of contracts, including:   

  • Sales contracts
  • Professional Athletic contracts
  • Personal Service contracts
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Business purchase agreements
  • Real estate contracts
  • Commercial leases
  • Employment contracts and non-compete agreements
  • Shareholder and partner agreements
  • Other types of business contracts  



 Advising clients and forming Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships.

Joel Richman’s office has performed amazing work for us. Joel and his staff are the best. I highly recommend him.

Entertinment Pacific Palisades

Joel Richman is the specialist in condominium and subdivision formation, transaction representation, contract drafting and negotiation.

The Loren adams Collection- fine art

Joel is very knowledgeable,professional,and personable. He has been practicing Real Estate law for years and has a myriad of experiences to draw on to handle his clients needs.

Distinctive Weddings Maui

Highly recommended as the firm to be in your corner.

Maui Aina Appraisal

He’s an honest and sincere advocate.

Maui County Council Secretary

Fair Honest and Professional!

Coldwell Banker Island Properties

It was a pleasure working with Attorney Richman who assisted me with my DPR condominium project application.  Thanks to Joel, the application process went smoothly as he readily availed himself to answer any questions/concerns which I had regarding the project.  I would certainly not hesitate to give Joel my highest recommendation for a job well done!

Michael S

Joel recently did a real estate c.p.r. for me. i feel he did an excellent job and i can highly recommend him. on a more personal note, he’s a nice guy and very personable.

Peter K

Joel and his team are swift and accurate on the job. We just completed an AG zoned CPR in 5.5 months with me as a very active participant. Record time, great expertise, all around good experience!

Vicki Levin

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